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Climate Change Research Division

Climate Change Research Division develops carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies to tackle challenges of climate change, fine dust technologies to secure clean air, and high value-added technologies that turn coal fuel, biomass, and waste into clean energy in order to prepare for a period of high oil prices. Main areas of research include fine dust reduction technology, CCUS, clean coal technology, gasification technologies, gas/oil to add high value, biomass production to add high value, generation and recycling of alternative energy from waste. Other areas of research include technologies related to the elimination of environmental hazards emitted during energy generation to near zero. Also, it constantly conducts joint R&D projects with domestic industry and academia and cooperates with related organizations overseas with advanced technologies.

Director RYU, HO-JUNG


A field of research

  • Fine Dust
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Clean Fuel
  • Carbon Conversion,
  • Energy Resources Upcycling
  • Bio Energy
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