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Clean Air Research Laboratory

Fine Dust Research Laboratory strives to conduct researches to develop effective technologies to solve fine dust problems in Korea. It is committed to research on technologies to realize zero emissions of PM, SOx, NOx, VOCs in industries and transport, hybrid coal and fuel reforming technologies for fine dust suppression from the beginning, air pollutant monitoring, technologies to reduce fine dust atmospheric pollution and exposure to fine dust in order to provide a healthy and safe air to the citizens.

Representative performance

  • 01 Filter dust collector with 1/10 dust discharge
  • 02 Retrofit EP (6,000CMH) for improving electrostatic precipitator performance
  • 03 Combination type dust collection technology (2,000CMH)
  • 04 Separation membrane moisture permeability evaluation device
  • 05 Biomass semi-carbon fuel manufacturing device (5 ton/day)
  • 06 Hybrid coal manufacturing facility (5 tons/day)
  • 07 Low ash biomass manufacturing facility (1 ton/day)
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Major research fields

  • Low cost high efficiency filtration dust collection technology
  • Coal-fired power plant electrostatic precipitator performance improvement technology
  • Pure oxygen fluidized bed boiler flue gas ultrafine dust control technology
  • Air purification vehicle technology for reducing fine dust in the air
  • Low-temperature denitrification catalyst technology for reducing nitrogen oxides
  • Water recovery and white smoke reduction technology using energy-saving moisture separation membrane
  • Fine dust source reduction type low grade fuel high quality technology

Major research results

  • Filter dust collection technology that can reduce less than 1/10 of dust emission and facility costs by 30%
  • Retrofit electrostatic precipitator that can achieve +90% power plant electrostatic precipitator performance
  • Combined dust collection technology with emission concentration of less than 0.5mg/m3 pure oxygen power generation facilities
  • No power electric dust collection technology for vehicles
  • Technology transfer of cooling tower white smoke reduction process and air conditioning dehumidification process using separation membrane
  • 1ton/day scale ash-free coal manufacturing technology
  • High-grade technology of low-grade coal containing high moisture (CUPO, 5 ton/day scale)
  • Biomass semi-carbon fuel manufacturing technology (COMB, 5 ton / day scale)
  • High-calorie/hydrophobic low-grade coal high-quality manufacturing technology (HCK, Hybrid coal by KIER, 5 ton /day scale)
  • Manufacturing technology of hydrophobic low ash biomass fuel with suppressed fouling (ABF, Ashless Biomass Fuel, 1 ton/day scale)
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