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Gwangju Clean Energy Research Center

Gwangju Clean Energy Research Center conducts researches on biorefinery as a renewable energy source and eco-friendly energy storage technologies in order to not onlysupport paradigm shift to sustainable energy society but also provide solutions for environmental problems. Specifically, we focuses on fundamental biotechnology such as a biocatalyst and a bioprocess for developing biorefinery systems and battery regeneration/restoration with analysis on the case of deterioration of spent batteries, and their reuse by identifying new sources of demand.

Representative performance

  • 01 Bioelectrochemical reactor
  • 02 Carbon monoxide conversion high pressure bioreactor
  • 03 Batteries diagnosis program
  • 04 Electrochemical performance recovery process of used batteries(>90% capacity recovery)
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Major research fields

  • Bio energy
  • Biorefinery technology using industrial waste gas (CO2, by-product gas)
  • Wood-based biomass pretreatment and biofuel conversion technology
  • Anaerobic digestion of organic waste
  • Eco-friendly energy storage
  • Secondary battery reuse/recycling technology
  • Battery regeneration and restoration technology
  • Identification analysis on the cause of battery deterioration
  • Secondary battery condition diagnosis technology
  • Next-generation secondary battery core material technology

Major research results

  • Wood-based biomass pretreatment and ethanol production technology
  • Anaerobic digestion of organic wastes
  • Methane gas conversion microbial catalyst
  • Carbon monoxide conversion hydrogen production microbial reactor
  • Microbial fermentation based on bioelectrochemistry
  • SOH diagnosis program for 2nd life battery
  • Battery recovery technology
  • Membrane for advanced redox flow battery
  • Polymeric binder for LiB and All-solid-state battery

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