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Energy Resources Upcycling Research Laboratory

Energy Resources Upcycling Research Laboratory conducts research on converting biomass and waste resources to energy in order to establish a sustainable society without greenhouse gas emission and ensure the future energy/chemical resources after age of oil. Main research field are Bio-fuel production technology, Chemicals production technology, Hydroprocessing technology of heavy oil, and Environmental catalyst & process technology.

Chief LEE, IN-GU

Tel.Tel. 042-860-3559

Representative performance

  • 01 Biodiesel pretreatment demonstration process (capacity: 2,000L / day)
  • 02 Rapid pyrolysis process for lignocellulosic biomass (capacity : 2 tons / day)
  • 03 Supercritical gasification process for organic wastewater (capacity: 1 ton / day)
  • 04 N2O abatement demonstration process and catalyst (capacity: 1,000Nm3 / h)
  • 05 Photosynthesis fermenter for bio-hydrogen production (capacity : 80L)
  • 06 Steam reformer for bio-synthetic gas production
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Major research fields

  • Bio-fuel production technology for power generation/transportation from lignocellulosic biomass
  • Bio heavy oil/diesel production technology from low-grade fats
  • Chemicals production technology from bio resources
  • Pyrolysis liquefaction technology of waste plastics
  • Catalyst and process for NOx/N2O abatement
  • Upgrading technology of unconventional oil

Major research results

  • Modularization technology of pretreatment/production/purification process for bio-diesel production
  • Bio-diesel production technology from animal fats
  • Pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and production technology of bio-oil
  • Demonstration of continuous liquefaction process of waste plastics
  • Supercritical water gasification technology of high aqueous organic waste
  • Bio-hydrogen and bio-gas production technology from organic wastes
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