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Renewable Energy Institute

Renewable Energy Institute conducts R&D activities focusing on solar energy and energy storage to provide technological solutions to energy security and environmental issues, participating in 'Energy Transition', a global trend to overcome the climate crisis faced by mankind. 'Photovoltaics' including solar cells, 'Renewable-energy resource map', 'Zero-energy house' including solar thermal technologies, and 'Energy storage system (ESS) & materials' are the main research areas with expertise. It also tries to improve the quality of human life by developing the government's policy-based public technologies, promoting economic growth through technology transfer to industries and commercialization, and contributing to renewable energy dissemination through new and renewable energy integration technology in cooperation with other divisions.

Director Kim, Hyun-goo

A field of research

  • Advanced Energy
  • Energy Conversion & Storage Materials
  • Photovoltaics Research, Renewable Heat Integration
  • ESS
  • New and Renewable Energy Resource Map
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