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Energy Storage Research Department

The Energy Storage Laboratory develops energy storage technologies, targeting research and development in promising materials and devices for secondary batteries, flow batteries, super-capacitors, and advanced energy storage devices as well as scaling-up to storage system. The up-to-date R&D activities are relevant to the standardization, testing and certification of secondary batteries as well as field test to store cost-effectively renewable energy for future grid. The Laboratory’s current R&D activities include the materials and components needed for the photovoltaic recycling; the utilization for salinity power generation; and advancing membranes and catalysts under working conditions.

Representative result

  • 01 Si nano particles
  • 02 Redox flow battery system
  • 03 kW-scale stack based on tandem electrodes
  • 04 Monoclinic ingot/wafer utilizing recycled silicon
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Major research fields

  • All-solid-state-batteries materials and components
  • Grid-scale storage redox flow batteries materials and system
  • Supercapacitor materials and components
  • High performance electrodes and electrolytes
  • High energy density batteries like metal-air, Li-Sulfur, etc
  • Non-lithium-ion batteries materials and components
  • Test and evaluation of rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors
  • Capacitive deionization components and cell system
  • Membrane processes for carbon dioxide capture
  • Photovolatic panels’ end-of-life material recycling/reuse/remanufacturing

Major research results

  • Materials for andoe in lithium secondary batteries
  • kW-scale stack and redox flow battery system based on the tandem electode
  • BOP and operational control technology for redox flow battery
  • High voltage/power supercapacitors with promising materials
  • Flexible thin film capacitors with promising materials
  • Large-scale cyclic ultracapacitor based on fluid electrode
  • High performance organic flow battery with new redox active materials
  • Large scale graphene manufacturing technology
  • Capacitivie deionization cell with flow-electrode
  • Modulation and system upscaling of Pd-based hydrogen membranes for pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture
  • Post-combustion carbon dioxide capture processes using membrane cascade
  • Reuse/recycling of photovoltaic waste module
  • Nanoporous aerogel fabrication and applications
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