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Renewable Energy Big Data Laboratory

New and Renewable Energy Resource Map Laboratory, designated as the National Center for Standard Reference Data (NCSRD) in New & Renewable Energy (NRE) field, performs core and fundamental R&D to build NRE big data platform through digital NRE resource map to carry out the NRE forecast and further to estimate NRE potentials to support in determining the national NRE policy and relevant national NRE projects.

Representative result

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Major research fields

  • Satellite-based renewable resource measurement and national reference standardization
  • Renewable resource assessment and mapping for the Great Korea
  • Evaluation of renewable potential and policy research for renewable energy dissemination
  • Development of e-Great Korea Atlas platform for variable renewable power forecasting
  • Cultivation of human resources in renewable energy field through international cooperation and technical collaboration

Major research results

  • Full-3D solar resource map for Building-Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) based on Cheollian satellite imagery
  • Web service and map book for the Korea renewable energy resources
  • Policy research for establishing The Basic Plans of Renewable Energy (from 1st to 5th)
  • AI-based variable renewable power forecasting for integrated grid control
  • ODA (Official Development Assistance) with the renewable resource map (Gabon, Sri Lanka, etc.)
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