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Ulsan Advanced Energy Technology R&D Center

Ulsan Advanced Energy Technology R&D Center is developing core technologies for next-generation energy technologies spanning from next-generation secondary batteries, solar cells to hydrogen utilization fields by building one-stop research infrastructures for materials systheses/depositions, cell fabrications to characterizations. Based on these activities, we aim to meet the technological needs of SMEs located in Busan-Ulsan-Kyungsang areas.

Representative result

  • 01 Research on materials systheses/cell fabrications/systems/recycling for lithium ion secondary batteries including all-solid-state ones.
  • 02 World-class high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
  • 03 Silicon-based thin/thick-film depositions by use of PECVD for silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells and kerfless epitaxial wafers
  • 04 Stacks and systems for methanol/water electrolysis
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Major research fields

  • All-solid-state battery system and manufacturing process technologies
  • Fabrication and characterization of materials and components for state-of-the-art lithium-ion secondary batteries
  • Evaluation of electric vehicle battery system / Development of top-notch performance realization technologies
  • The world's highest-efficiency perovskite solar cells
  • Silicon/perovskite tandem solar cells
  • Next-generation silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells with high-quality passivating contacts
  • Kerfless silicon epitaxial wafers
  • Utilization of hydrogen from by-product hydrogen
  • Supporting Ulsan regional SMEs by facilitating their development of hydrogen mobility-related materials / components (Linked to Ulsan Hydrogen Mobility Cluster)
  • Hydrogen production technology using alcohol (methanol, ethanol, etc.) / water electrolysis
  • Demonstration and reliability test of hydrogen mobility system using by-product hydrogen piping network
  • Stack technology for hydrogen mobility system by use of metal separation plates

Major research results

  • Design and manufacturing technologies for all-solid-state battery systems
  • All-solid-state battery systems with rapid charging technologies
  • New separation membranes for secondary battery fabrications
  • New binders for secondary battery electrode processing
  • New positive / negative active materials for secondary batteries
  • Evaluation technologies related to EV battery performance degradation
  • Material synthesis and thinning technologies for secondary battery fabrications
  • Large-area, high-stability perovskite and SHJ solar cells
  • Materials property / interface optimizations for SHJ solar cells and epitaxial silicon depositions by use of PECVD equipments
  • Electrochemical methanol/water electrolytic hydrogen production technologies
  • MEA technology for demonstration of hydrogen-fueled forklift operations (Ulsan Hydrogen Regulation Free Zone Project)
  • Demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell systems by utilizing by-product hydrogen piping network
  • Hydrogen mobility material/parts localization technology (Linked to Ulsan Hydrogen Mobility Cluster)
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