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Renewable Energy System Laboratory

Renewable Heat Integration Laboratory focuses on the research of solar thermal technology and heat of integration with new and renewable energy sources, contributing to the development of energy technologies and spread of the outcomes. Main areas of research include collection and storage of solar heat and related technologies, thermal integration based on new and renewable energy. Its key research topics encompass fundamental key technologies of solar thermal energy to increase cost efficiency, integration of various renewable thermal energy sources with high efficient heat supply system such as heat pump, thermal management and thermal storage control of combined new and renewable energy systems, thermal supply technologies for zero energy(or plus energy) house/building/community/city, thermal energy storage technologies for stable new and renewable energy supply and energy demand management, renewable energy-based smart farms, seawater desalination, industrial process heat, solar thermal power stations, and thermochemical cycles for solar fuel. It also conducts performance tests of solar thermal collectors and solar water heaters for Korea Standard (KS) Certification.

Representative result

  • 01 Zero energy solar house demsontration building
  • 02 Energy self-sufficiency toward village (Gochang)
  • 03 Eco-friendly energy town (Chungbuk Innovation City)
  • 04 Solar seawater desalination demonstration plant (Daekyung Island in Yeosu)
  • 05 400kWt-class KIER solar furnace (biomethane decomposition hydrogen production experiment)
  • 06 Remodeling as plus energy demonstration houses based on renewable energy
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Major research fields

  • Solar thermal collectors and hybrid solar photovoltaic thermal collectors
  • High efficient hot water storage and next generation thermal storage technology
  • Renewable heat integrated thermal storage and system utilization technology
  • Zero energy house/building, town and city level renewable heat integrated system technology
  • Renewable heat energy such as solar heat integrated seawater desalination and industrial process heat
  • Renewable heat such as solar heat integrated eco-friendly next generation cooling
  • Solar conentraing system and power plant
  • Biomethane decomposition hydrogen production technology using solar heat

Major research results

  • Demonstration of zero energy solar active house and development of house model for market penetration
  • Energy self-sufficient village and community center (Gochang in Jeonbuk)
  • Eco-friendly energy town based on seasonal thermal energy storage (Chungbuk Innovation City)
  • Optimal operation algorithm of integrated thermal and electric energy system for zero-energy house and town
  • Package hybrid system using solar thermal composite module
  • Solar water desalination plant based on multi-use desalination machine
  • 2-step water decomposition solar hydrogen production using metal oxide
  • 10kWe dish-stirling solar power system
  • 40kWt-class KIER solar furnace and chemical reactor
  • Solar thermal based zero-energy toward smart farm (Demonstration facilities at Yeoju and Pohang)
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