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Participation in ‘CKC 2021’ to discover opportunities for international joint research with canada

  • Date 2021-09-07
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The Korea Institute of Energy Research participated in the ‘2021 Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (CKC 2021)’ which was held both online and offline from September 2 (Thu) to September 4 (Sat).

Among the major programs, president Jong-nam Kim of the Korea Institute of Energy Research participated in the ‘4th Korea-Canada National Science and Technology Innovation Strategy Forum’ on Thursday, September as a panel panelist.

President Jong-nam Kim said, “37% of Korea’s annual CO2 emission of 730 million tons is generated in the energy sector, and most of the research projects of the KIER directly contribute to its reduction,” and introduced ▲the establishment and overall operation of a 100MW solar power research center, ▲the development of alkaline water electrolysis stack, and ▲the production of ammonia decomposition hydrogen.

In addition, Director Young-cheol Park of the Greenhouse Gas Research Department participated as a presenter at the ‘Joint Session of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Contributed by National Society for Science and Technology Research (NST)’ and Senior Researcher Bo-yoon Jang of the Conversion Storage Materials Lab participated as a presenter at the ‘KIER-NRC (National Research Council Canada) Battery Forum.’

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