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Energy Technology Policy Research Team

In order to develop a vision of energy technology for transition to a carbon-neutral country, KIER is in charge of establishing R&D strategies such as R&D business & operation plans and mid- to long-term R&D strategies plan. Also, based on energy technology policy research, we are striving to prepare technological alternatives that can proactively respond to national energy and climate change issues.

Chief LEE, YOO-A

Tel. 042-860-3401

Representative performance

  • 01 Establishment of KIER Mid- to long-term R&D strategies
  • 02 Energy technology industry ecosystem and technology level analysis
  • 03 Establishment of a master plan for the solar industry
  • 04 Establishment of regional energy plans in Daejeon city and Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • 05 Establishment of KIER R&D system and strategy
  • 06 Host of 1st KIER Conference
  • 07 Development of Energy technology effect analysis model
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Major research fields

  • Analysis of domestic and global energy technology trends and policy monitoring
  • Establishment and performance analysis of energy technology strategy
  • Analysis of energy technology R&D performance and effect
  • Development of energy technology effect model
  • Support for establishment of national energy technology policy

Major research results

  • Establishment of four strategic master plans to strengthen the competitiveness of the solar industry - Establishment of the 6th regional energy plan in Daejeon metropolitan city
  • Establishment of the 5th regional energy plan in Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Energy technology industry ecosystem and technology level survey analysis
  • Energy technology ripple effect analysis and model development
  • Analysis of the effect of energy, environment, and economy of ESS according to the expansion of renewable energy supply using the KIER-TIMES model
  • KIER 2050 development strategy establishment
  • KIER research project plan establishment
  • Establishment of main R&D business promotion system
  • Host of 1st KIER Conference
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