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Clean Fuel Production and Utilization for Greenhouse Gases Reduction and Clean Air

- Development of clean fuel production and resources upcycling technologies from carbon-based fossil fuels such as fossil fuels, bio-energy, waste.
- Development of greenhouse gas capture, storage and utilization technologies
- Development of fine dust reduction technologies

Strategic directions

  • 01

    Clean fuel production and resource circulation through synthetic gas production using low-grade fuel, synthetic gas value-adding, Biodiesel and chemical production, and the development of power generation fuel upgrading technology

  • 02

    Securing fresh air and reducing fine dust through the development of Low-temperature NOx treatment technology to reduce fine dust precursors and electric dust collector retrofit technology

  • 03

    Collection and use of greenhouse gases through the development of Carbon dioxide capture material and process improvement technology, Carbon dioxide source separation Oxy-CFBC technology, and the technology for high value-added biogas by conversion of greenhouse gases

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