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Development of smart energy technologies for a high-efficiency and low-carbon society

The Energy Efficiency Research Division researches to improve the efficiency of the energy system over the entire cycle from energy production to consumption by developing high-efficiency energy supply systems, intelligent distributed resource management, and efficiency improvement technologies of energy-consuming equipment.

Strategic directions

  • 01

    Development of Digital Intelligence Technology for Energy Demand Management Development of industrial energy management technology through distributed integrated energy management technology, data-based process and facility analysis to respond to the uncertainty and volatility of renewable energy and to innovate the energy supply and demand structure

  • 02

    Development of High-Efficiency Technology for Energy Consumption Devices Development of GWP-based (Global Warming Potential) cooling technology and high-efficiency platform technology for energy-efficient devices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb global warming.

  • 03

    Development of load-following distributed power generation technology Development of supercritical carbon dioxide power generation and Salinity Gradients Power Generation Technology that can contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life by blocking the emission of pollutants in charge of the baseload of the national power grid in the era of nuclear power generation/decoking/renewable energy

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