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Development of Hydrogen Supply and Utilization Technology for Leading the Hydrogen Economy and Society

We will lead the realization of a hydrogen economy society by R&D of hydrogen supply and usage technologies. For this purpose, green and blue hydrogen without greenhouse gas emission, green ammonia for efficient hydrogen storage and fuel cell for hydrogen usage are being developed.

Strategic directions

  • 01

    Development of extraction hydrogen production unit model for ground supply (Short term) and securing core technology to ensure the economic feasibility of hydrogen production through water electrolysis (Mid to long term)

  • 02

    Development of low-pressure/low-temperature ammonia synthesis technology that can store a large amount of hydrogen at less cost to secure competitiveness in prices of hydrogen production, storage, and transportation.

  • 03

    Enhancement of price competitiveness through securing stack/system technology to enhance fuel cell efficiency

  • 04

    Convergence of production-storage-use technologies for the distribution of hydrogen energy to urban and residential communities, securing economic, efficiency, safety, and acceptability

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