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Renewable energy innovation technology for realizing the ‘Energy Transition 3030/5060’ plan

We are developing next-generation technologies of ‘high-efficiency low-cost photovoltaics’, ‘wind power generation’, ‘batteries in grid-scale energy storage system as well as for electric vehicles’, ‘renewable-energy resource mapping & forecasting’ and ‘renewable-energy integrated platform’ in order to contribute to more renewable power generation given by nature without greenhouse gas emission, leading to the related-industry growth.

Strategic directions

  • 01

    Development of low cost/ultra high efficiency multi-junction solar cells that exceed the limiting efficiency of commercial silicon solar cells and the flexible/lightweight/transmissive multi-functional thin-film solar cells that overcome the limitation of installation location and maximize applicability and aesthetics

  • 02

    Optimization of large-scale offshore wind farms based on the troubleshooting and operation technology of the wind power generation system to increase acceptance and reduce LCOE

  • 03

    Development of large-capacity/long-cycle ESS in response to the volatility of the power system and Development of next-generation secondary battery for high capacity/fast charging for EV

  • 04

    Construction of New/renewable energy convergence platform and realization of an energy-independent city by ensuing reliability/stability of infrastructure technology and distributed energy

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