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Fuel Cell Research & Demonstration Center

Fuel Cell Research & Demonstration Center is equipped with the world's best fuel cell R&D facilities, the center carries out activities related to the development of fuel cell components, stacks, performance testing, and demonstration. It also strives to maximize research productivity based on interpretation of computer programs and AI technology, and conduct researches that provide solutions to problems such as cost, durability, and performance of full cell. The center aims to be ranked as one of top laboratory in the world leading the R&D effort to facilitate hydrogen industry and expand fuel cell market in cooperation with universities, companies, and research institutes.

Representative result

  • 01 Development of pore-filling ion exchange membranes and its production equipment
  • 02 Development of multi-channel small fuel cell test stations
  • 03 Development of highly active and durable electrocatalyst for PEM fuel cell with computational approach.
  • 04 The development of AI multiscale modeling for advanced material and electrode of PEM fuel cell
  • 05 MEA fabrication using electrospray deposition for mass transfer enhancement
  • 06 A newly-designed PEFC single cell structure based on the proposed CFBP
  • 07 Long-term test of fuel cell power pack
  • 08 Fuel recycle system of above 99% hydrogen utilization
  • 09 Development of acceleration life test protocols of fuel cell BOP parts
  • 10 Open cathode fuel cell test methods and devices
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