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Energy Convergence System Research Department

EMS Laboratory conducts researches on data analysis and management and optimum use of energy to efficiently manage energy use in the areas of industry, transport, and building, and its scope can be expanded from single workplace (building) to industrial complex (community). The data-based EMS value chain include upstream/downstream, management, cluster/convergence, and distribution industries and it is also available to create a new energy industry by combining various related industries altogether.

Representative performance

  • 01 Ammonia gasoline mixed-fuel car
  • 02 Ammonia car interior
  • 03 High-efficiency drying device using turning air current
  • 04 Hot air-microwave complex drying device
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Major research fields

  • High-efficiency complex drying system and exhaust heat recovery system
  • Original technology for producing ultra-high temperature steam using superheat exchange device
  • Fuel production and process technology for sewage sludge using green carbon
  • Vehicle/engine fuel efficiency/environment improvement technology
  • High-efficiency eco-friendly car and future alternative fuel use technology
  • High efficiency heat management technology for electric vehicles

Major research results

  • Vibrating fluidized bed dryer using turning air current
  • High-efficiency AMTEC device and core element technology
  • Standard specifications for mid-sized low-floor bus and development and distribution of operational technologies
  • Alternative fuel (DME) system and automobile development
  • Sewage sludge fuel manufacturing and process technology
  • Micro mobility EV battery pack system
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