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Fuel Cell Laboratory

The Fuel Cell Laboratory, which started research on fuel cells for the first time in Korea in October 1980, has been designated and operated as the first and the only National Laboratory for fuel cells (N-LAB, Ministry of Science and ICT, July 2020). The group has been conducting research on basic science in materials and parts, and industrialization-based technologies that encompass stacks and systems, and has been realizing a vision to advance the hydrogen economy. We are developing core technologies for mobile (automobiles, heavy-duty vehicles, trains, ships and drones), stationary (home and building CHP, distributed power generation) and special applications (portable, extreme environment). The R&D activities of Fuel cell laboratory cover the areas such as polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC), alkaline membrane fuel cells (AMFC), and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and direct methanal fuel cells (DMFC).


Tel. 042-860-3782

Representative performance

  • 01 High disperse Pt/C electrode catalyst
  • 02 Hydrocarbon polymer electrolyte membrane
  • 03 Design plan of catalyst layer nano structure
  • 04 Core-shell structure electrode catalyst
  • 05 Additive to improve durability
  • 06 History of KIER-MEA's performance improvement in the last 3 years
  • 07 Multi-scale analysis and design production of stack
  • 08 Large-area flat cell manufacturing technology using tape casting
  • 09 SOFC stack design, production, operation technology
  • 10 High altitude RFC, robotic, home / building fuel cell system
  • 11 Technology for maximizing flat cell performance through application of new process
  • 12 Mobile SOFC power generation system
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Major research fields

  • Core materials and systems for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), alkali membrane fuel cells (AMFC), and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC)
  • Platinum reducing electrode catalyst
  • Low cost-high durability electrolyte membrane
  • Design and analysis of membrane electrode assembly (MEA)
  • Design and analysis of cell and stack
  • Fuel cell system control and diagnosis
  • Design and manufacturing of cylindrical and flat SOFC cell/stack/system

Major research results

  • Technology transfer of 1 kW home fuel cell system manufacturing (Hyundai Hysco)
  • Technology transfer of non-destructive gas diffusion layer quality inspection device (Living Care)
  • Gas diffusion layer properties and ultra-precision constant temperature fuel cell performance evaluation device technology transfer (living care)
  • Technology transfer of high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack / system (Dong-A FuelCell)
  • Low-cost, high-durability MEA at the level of commercial products and 50 kW stack fuel cell mini bus
  • Continuous manufacturing technology for hydrocarbon-based pore filling membrane
  • 300W and 500W class DMFC stack, metal separation plate and portable fuel cell system
  • 250W class portable SOFC power system
  • kW cylindrical / flat SOFC cell, stack, metal separation plate, BOP, and system
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