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Hydrogen Research Department

Hydrogen Research Department mainly conducts researches on generation and storage of hydrogen, a promising clean energy. We develop core technologies for hydrocarbon reform (natural gas and ammonia reforming), green hydrogen generation (alkaline/PEM/AEM water electrolysis, seawater electrolysis, ammonia electrolysis, photochemical hydrogen generation, and thermochemical water splitting process), hydrogen storage system (metal hydride and complex hydride), and integrated system to establish a hydrogen townhouse residential model.

Representative performance

  • 01 2nd generation alkaline water electrolysis system
  • 02 High-purity hydrogen production unit using natural gas for refueling stations
  • 03 Large-scale electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis
  • 04 Composite separator for alkaline water electrolysis
  • 05 Design of MEA microstructure for PEM water electrolysis
  • 06 Design of porous transport layer (PTL) for PEM water electrolysis
  • 07 Anion exchange membrane for water electrolysis
  • 08 Development of H2 based house complex for hydrogen city
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Major research fields

  • Design of pressurized high purity hydrogen production system for hydrogen station
  • Design and control of high efficiency compact fuel reformer for fuel cell
  • Fuel reform (methane/ammonia) structure catalyst design
  • Core materials, parts and stack design of alkaline/AEM/PEM electrolysis
  • System design of seawater/ammonia electrolysis
  • Photochemical hydrogen production catalyst design
  • Solid hydrogen storage alloy property evaluation and system design

Major research results

  • Commercialization of hydrogen extraction system using natural gas (500 kg/day)
  • Technology transfer of natural gas fuel reformer (Hyundai Hysco)
  • Technology transfer of alkaline water electrolysis stack (Techwin)
  • Material development of core parts for water electrolysis (electrodes, separation membrane, diffuser, separation plate)
  • Organization of KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) for measuring hydrogen storage
  • Photochemical hydrogen production technology
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