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Wind Energy Research Department

Wind Energy Research Team carries out research and development activities on integrated system design for the spread of wind power system, wind power plant operation and control system, offshore wind farm design technologies. Also, It develops technologies and conducts performance testing as a state certified testing and inspection body for small/mid/large wind turbines, and constantly explores advanced and future leading technologies based on joint R&D efforts with outstanding universities and research institutes in Korea and overseas.


  • 01 Marine wind power generation system
  • 02 Jeju Global Research Center
  • 03 Smart O&M platform for offshore wind power
  • 04 Jeju Global Research CenterWind turbines-Acoustic noise measurement and evaluation techniques
  • 05 Wind power blade design and performance improvement technology
  • 06 Wind turbine performance test
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Major research fields

  • Control technology for wind turbine and wind farm
  • Performance and reliability verification of wind power system
  • Floating offshore wind power
  • Integrated operation management system of offshore wind farm
  • Small and medium-sized wind turbine performance test
  • O&M platform for offshore wind power
  • Design and economical evaluation of onshore and offshore wind farm
  • Prognostics and health management for wind turbines
  • Digital twin technology for wind turbines
  • Wind turbines - Acoustic noise measurement and evaluation techniques
  • Minute-scale forecasting technology for wind farm power
  • Wind power HAWT/VAWT blade design and performance improvement technology
  • Future super-sized floating wind turbine system development technology

Major research results

  • Demonstration phase for the development of 2.5GW offshore wind power in the Southwest Sea
  • Optimal shape design technology for high efficiency low weight blade
  • Construction project of Korea 1st MW-class offshore wind power
  • Performance test evaluation technology for wind power system certification
  • Controller development and validation for multiple wind farms
  • Development of variable power controller for wind turbine in off-grid region
  • Condition monitoring system for O&M of distributed power based on solar/wind/fuel Cell
  • Offshore wind platform for installation, operation management and logistics
  • Performance evaluation technology of wind power for international certification to standards
  • Digital-based O&M service for offshore wind farm
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