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Distributed Energy Team

Marine Energy Convergence and Integration Research Team carries out various R&D activities on salinity gradient power, desalination, new materials (membrane, electrode, and catalysts), technilogies using brine water and heat sources, marine energy storage, and marine bio energy to achieve the vision of the a 'global lab competing in the international arena' and goal of 'securing core technologies in marine energy and environment and their commercialization'. It strives to improve the quality of research performance and identify promising marine energy technologies by conducting joint research projects with universities and research institutes in Korea and overseas and promotes the distribution and spread of the research outcome based on cooperative relations with companies and local governments.

Representative result

  • 01 KW-class RED pilot plant
  • 02 RED stack system
  • 03 production system of large-area ion exchange membrane
  • 04 Long-term performance test system
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Major research fields

  • Marine energy convergence platform technology
  • Marine energy production technology : Salinity gradient power generation (reverse electrodialysis, pressure delay osmosis, capmixing)
  • Seawater desalination and water treatment technology
  • Useful resource recovery technology
  • Low energy consumption pretreatment technology and process
  • Core materials and parts technology for marine energy and environment: ion exchange membrane, osmosis membrane, electrode and catalyst
  • Marine bioenergy technology
  • Marine energy storage technology
  • Marine heat energy network such as marine heat sources
  • Regional specialized energy technology

Major research results

  • Korea's first kW class reverse electrodialysis-based salinity gradient power generation system
  • World-class ion exchange membrane technology for water treatment and construction of mass production facilities
  • Securing low-energy consumption pretreatment original technology that can simultaneously treat organic matter in wastewater and inorganic matter in seawater
  • Securing low-energy consumption carbon dioxide conversion original technology using salinity gradient power generation-bioelectrochemical hybrid technology
  • Mass production technology for carbon-based electrode materials for electrochemistry and catalysts for electrodes
  • Hollow fiber membrane active layer coating technology and 4" modularization technology for pressure delay osmosis-based salinity gradient power generation
  • Cultivation and harvesting of marine microalgae, securing carbohydrate extraction
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