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Photovoltaics Research Department

  • Carrying out leading research and development covering all the value chains for photovoltaic power generation technology
  • Participating in various policy establishment related to certification and distribution
  • Taking the role of research and development hub of photovoltaic technology encompassing industry, university, and research institute in Korea
  • Contributing to growth of national photovoltaics industry and securing core technologies for sustainable energy
아이콘 Major research fields
  • Crystalline silicon solar cell technology
  • Next generation solar cell technology based on various materials such as chalcogenide (CIGS, CZTS, CTS) compounds, thin film silicon, dye-sensitized and organic/inorganic hybrid compounds
  • Photovoltaics module technology including building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) modules
  • PV power conversion system (PCS) technology
  • Performance test and evaluation of PV materials, devices and components
  • Development of test and evaluation methods for PV and international standardization
  • Customized design of PV system and development of diagnosis technology
  • Future microgrid and energy supply network technology
  • Training program for PV professionals
아이콘 Major research results
  • Bifacial, crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Flexible and transparent CIGS thin film solar cells
  • Thin-film solar cells using ultra low-cost, earth abundant elements
  • Auto-tinting photo-sensitive smart window film
  • Manufacturing technology for BIPV considering architectural environment
  • Optimization solution for photovoltaic system
  • Performance evaluation technology for solar cells and modules
  • Bifacial silicon solar cell
  • Flexible CIGS solar cell
  • Semitransparent CIGS solar cell
  • Solar shingle based on silicon solar cell

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