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Energy Conversion Laboratory

Thermal Energy Conversion Systems Laboratory conducts R&D projects on thermal energy system including efficient conversion technologies between heat to heat/electricity and electricity to heat, and large-scale power storage to increase the efficiency of low/high thermal energy. Main areas of research include supercritical generation, heat pump based on new and renewable energy and unused energy sources, thermal energy network with the application of such technologies, cooling tower, Carnot battery to compensate volatility of renewable energy, converging technologies between new and renewable energy sources including solar, thermal, and geothermal heat and energy saving technologies, cooling tower, and common core devices such as turbines, compressor, future applications of heat exchanger, and heat pipe.

Representative performance

  • 01 High-speed air compander for zero-GWP air refrigerant cooling/refrigeration
  • 02 Test loop for zero-GWP air refrigerant cooling solution
  • 03 Smart design platform for vapor compression heat pump (alpha ver.)
  • 04 Compressor reliability test loop using next-generation alternative refrigerants
  • 05 Tri-generation test loop of double-effect absorption heat pump with high-temperature PEM fuel cell
  • 06 Test module of AHU for ventilation and cooling/heating and constant temperature and humidity chamber
  • 07 Demonstration of industrial steam generation high temperature heat pump
  • 08 Test loop for supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle system (500℃ class)
  • 09 Carnot battery system for large-scale and long-duration energy storage
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Major research fields

  • High efficiency and electrification technologies of heat source in building sector
     - Cooling/heating/domestic hot water heat pump technology for buildings using natural refrigerants
     - Heat pump system technology applying next-generation alternative refrigerants
     - Heat pump-based thermal energy network technology
  • Electrification technologies in industrial sector
     - Industrial air refrigerant Zero-GWP cooling/refrigeration technology
     - Steam generation high-temperature heat pump system technology
     - Large-scale industrial heat pump technologies
  • Heat pump platform technology
     - Vapor compression heat pump smart design platform technology
     - AI-applied optimal driving strategy simulation platform technology
  • Energy storage and next-generation technology
     - Carnot battery technology for large-scale long-duration energy storage
     - Distributed supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle system technology
     - Next-generation eco-friendly cooling tower technology
  • Energy Convergence and Cross-cutting technologies
     - Heat pump convergence technology combined with renewable energy such as solar PVT, geothermal, and hydrogen fuel cells
     - High-efficiency flue gas heat recovery system
     - Cross-cutting components for thermal energy conversion system such as turbine, compressor, heat exchanger, and heat pipe

Major research results

  • Development of high-speed compander using air refrigerant and production of -1℃ cold heat
  • Development of absorption heat pump technology combined with high-temperature PEM fuel cell
  • Development of smart design platform for vapor compression heat pumps(alpha version)
  • Development of heat exchanger for both ventilation/cooling and heating
  • Development of multi-functional PVT sound barrier technology
  • Industrial steam production heat pump technology
  • The world's first partial-admission compact supercritical CO2 turbo-generator
  • The world's first axial type supercritical CO2 turbine (`17) and the world's longest supercritical CO2 power generation operation (`18, 4.2 hours)
  • Establishment of world-class supercritical CO2 power generation test loop (500℃ class)
  • Development of high-temperature hybrid heat pump using waste heat
  • Development of direct circulation geothermal source heat pump
  • Development of smart energy network technology
  • Geothermal-solar heat convergence system
  • Developed exhaust gas heat recovery heat pump
  • Energy self-sufficient geothermal-solar heat convergence system (facility)
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