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Energy ICT Research Department

Energy ICT Convergence Research Department aims to increase energy efficiency and realize GHG reduction technologies based on the convergence of energy, IT, and AI. Main areas of research include integrated design and operation of distributed power generation, microgrids, management and operation of energy storage system, energy/environment performance diagnosis of buildings, real-time estimation and analysis of energy use for buildings, intelligent energy optimization based on combined energy monitoring, heat-electricity network optimization.

Representative performance

  • 01 300kVA-class microgrid real-time digital simulation system
  • 02 On-site diagnosis system of existing building energy and environmental performance
  • 03 Smart sub-metering system for energy and utility demands of individual households
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Major research fields

  • Optimization management and saving technology of ICT convergence complex energy
  • Integrated operation open communication/control platform
  • Energy demand management technology
  • Smart platform for integrated operation of renewable energy
  • Energy demand prediction and optimal management system through IoT-based machine learning
  • Core technologies for microgrid and smartgrid
  • High reliabilty microgrid
  • Direct current (DC) microgrid system
  • Mobile microgrid and multi-agent system
  • High efficiency technologies for power consuming devices
  • High-efficiency power supply system for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • New technology of intelligent lighting control and LED application
  • Energy harvesting commercialization technology
  • Fault diagnosis and prediction technology such as arc
  • High efficiency technology for buildings
  • Smart green building, smart window/cover technology
  • Diagnosis platform for existing housing site
  • On-site diagnostic measuring device for thermal and environment performance
  • Evaluation of building energy efficiency
  • Weather forecast data-linked middleware platform
  • Intelligent energy monitoring and analysis technology for apartment houses
  • 5 types of secured wireless smart metering technology
  • Intelligent energy big data analysis platform / Intelligent analysis platform through energy big data

Major research results

  • Renewable energy integrated management PHILS smart platform technology
  • Self-learning engine to realize super-connection superbrain
  • Cyber physical system technologies to interconnect distributed energy resources for RE3020
  • KIER-UCLA (International Cooperation) smart grid open platform technology
  • KIER-Sandia Lab (International Cooperation) military next generation high reliability microgrid technology
  • Development and dissemination of LED traffic lights
  • Arc fault detection technology for distribution energy resources
  • Energy harvesting device and application technology
  • Smart green building technology
  • On-site diagnosis platform for residential building energy
  • Demonstration of heating/hot water smart meter for district heating apartment housing Smart merter demonstration for heating and hot water in district heating apartment housing
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