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KIER has selected 8 technologies for international collaboration to promote cutting edge research in energy technology field(FY2021).

New and Renewable Energy Institute

Topic Enhancing linear alpha olefin-paraffin separations using membrane
Researcher Jeong-gu Yeo, Principal Researcher/ Conversion & Storage Materials Laboratory
Topic Interface engineering for integration of a garnet-based solid electrolyte and a high-voltage cathode for all-solid-state batteries
Researcher Ji Haeng Yu, Principal Researcher/ Conversion & Storage Materials Laboratory
Topic Investigation on perovskite/silicon heterojunction (SHJ) tandem solar cells made with thinner wafers
Researcher Joon-Ho OH, Senior Researcher/ Ulsan Advanced Energy Technology R&D Center
Topic Designing 3D-framework as a dendrite-free electrode for solid-state lithium batteries (SSLBs)
Researcher Kyu-Nam Jung, Principal Researcher/ Energy Conversion & Storage Materials Laboratory

Hydrogen Energy Research Division

Topic Development of an intelligent reliable fuel electrode material using an ex-solution technique
Researcher Jong-Eun Hong, Principal Researcher/ Fuel Cell Laboratory
Topic Design Flexibility and Manufacturing Reliability with 3D Printing for solid oxide fuel cell
Researcher Rak-Hyun Song, Principal Researcher/ Fuel Cell Laboratory
Topic Durable hydrocarbon ionomers designed and optimized by developing neural network potential (NNP) for an anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis
Researcher Min Ho Seo, Principal Researcher/ Fuel Cell Research & Demonstration Center

Climate Change Research Division

Topic Reduction of Water Soluble Organic Species using Composite Materials
Researcher Chan Young Park, Principal Researcher/Greenhouse Gas Research Laboratory
Topic Photocatalytic Gaseous CO2 Conversion
Researcher Ki Tae Park, Principal Researcher/Carbon Conversion Research Laboratory

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