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KIER welcomes you to the society of tomorrow led by energy technology

The Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) is a government-funded research institute that develops energy technology that can overcome the climate change crisis for a sustainable future for mankind.

The strategic directions that KIER is pursuing to contribute to the country and humanity are as follows.

  • Achieving 2050 carbon neutrality to overcome the climate crisis,
  • Building a high-efficiency low-carbon society,
  • Leading the Energy Transition 3030 / 5060 plan,
  • Realizing the hydrogen economy society

Eighty five percent of energy used by humans is from fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.
The fossil fuels are considered the significant causes of many challenges including climate change,
fine dust and other environmental pollutions, and resource depletion, hence a threat to the survival of humanity.
Thus, we need to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels through energy revolution.

KIER is firmly determined and fully dedicated to achieving 2050 carbon neutrality by developing and disseminating technologies
1) to utilize natural energy such as photovoltaic, wind, and bio, 2) to minimize energy consumption, 3) to use fossil fuels more cleanly, 4) to produce, store, and utilize low-cost hydrogen, hence opening the door to the sustainable future of humanity.
In doing so, we will do our utmost efforts to use energy technologies as a growth driver and a source of quality jobs for the country, hence playing a role in ensuring every citizen’s happiness.

With your help and support, I am confident that we can achieve these goals and make our efforts come to fruition.


Thank you.

Kim Jong-nam President, Korea Institute of Energy Research

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