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Korea Institute of Energy Research held ‘KIER Global Day’

  • Date 2019-08-26
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■ Korea Institute of Energy Research (President Kwak Byong-sung) held the KIER Global Day at Eco-building Conference Room in the Institute from August 22 (Thu) to 23 (Fri).

□ This event was for international and domestic researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and China to gather to seek opportunities for shared growth through science and technology diplomacy and to discuss joint research topics.

□ On the 22 (Thu), the first day of the event, President Kwak Byong-sung of Korea Institute of Energy Research and Policy Commissioner Han Sun-hwa of National Research Council of Science and Technology gave lectures on the research achievements of energy efficiency and materials and the responds to climate change.

□ Moreover, with regard to Japan's semiconductor trade regulation which has become an issue in recent years, the participants discussed in-depth about the measures of international joint research and networking establishment on the independence of energy material, parts, and equipment technologies in Korea. 

■ President Kwak Byong-sung of the Korea Institute of Energy Research who hosted the event said, “In order to achieve sustainable growth, open innovation with the international community is very important along with strategies and investments in technology development. We expect continuos creations of shared growth in the field of energy.”

■ Professor Philip Kim of Harvard University who is one of our overseas partners of joint research and the global authority in graphene research said, “Unlike general academic conferences, this is a great opportunity to meet and share knowledge and opinions with people from other fields of research.”

□ Meanwhile, KIER Global Day was held for the first time this year with lectures to share key research achievements by inviting overseas partners of international joint researches conducted over the past three years.

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