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KIER’s Technology Transfer for Producing Large-scale Green Hydrogen

  • Date 2024-01-29
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- KIER signed technology transfer agreement and Memorandum of Understanding on further collaboration with Techross on January 26, 2024

- The application of 250 kW alkaline water electrolyzer stack technology is imperative for the advancement of MW water electrolyzers in the market.

- Laying the groundwork for a prosperous launch of the alkaline water electrolyzer technology and establishing an early foothold in the market.

A research team led by Dr. Kim Min-joong, from the Hydrogen Research Department at the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), has developed core technology to expand module stacks for water electrolysis, enabling the use of renewable energy. The KIER transfers the technology to Techross, which has expertise in electrolysis devices.

On January 26, 2024, the MOU ceremony for the partnership and commercialization of water electrolysis technology took place at the grand meeting room of the KIER's Eco Building. For the ceremony, dignitaries from the two organizations participated, including KIER’s President Yi Chang-keun and Joo Hyun-ku, Director of the Hydrogen Energy Institute, and Dr. Kim Min-joong and Techross CEO Park Seok-won, and CTO Kwon Kyeong-an.

The country's future growth hinges on the utilization of hydrogen, which has been identified as one of the 12 strategic technologies selected by the country. Hydrogen relies heavily on the core technology of water electrolysis. In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the demand for water electrolysis is essential for the widespread adoption of next-generation green hydrogen, as the usage of this environmentally friendly energy source is predicted to surge to 27.9 million tons.

* The Korean government selected 12 strategic technologies for future economic security and strategic growth. They are hydrogen, semiconductor and display, secondary cells, leading-eduge mobility, next-generation nuclear energy, leading-edge bio, aerospace and marine, hydrogen, cybersecurity, AI, next-generation communications, leading-edge robotics and manufacture, and quantum.

At the core of KIER's water electrolysis technology is a crucial 250 kW stack module, crucial for the success of MW-level large-scale commercial water electrolyzers. The technology involves creating a water electrolysis stack on a larger scale, improving electrode construction, and enhancing stack durability to address load fluctuations. It also includes important insights for optimizing diffusion layer design to increase efficiency.

Techross stands as the leading BWMS* provider worldwide, known for their exceptional knowledge in electrolysis devices. The business has recently broadened its scope to include green hydrogen research and development.

*BWMS : Ballast Water Management System

The KIER and Techross are determined to successfully commercialize alkaline water electrolyzers and quickly enter the global market, with plans to play a crucial role in developing infrastructure for producing larger quantities of green hydrogen.

Yi Chang-keun, the President of the KIER, states that the main mission of government-funded research institutes is to develop marketable technologies and collaborate with companies to create markets. He also emphasizes the need for active cooperation with businesses to enhance global competitiveness and emphasizes the importance of not being complacent.

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