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Developing a high-efficiency stacked structure that dramatically improves the performance of salinity gradient power generation

  • Date 2021-09-29
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The research team of Dr. Nam Joo-yeon of the Marine Energy Convergence and Integration Research Team at the Korea Institute of Energy Research has developed a technology that dramatically improves the performance of reverse electrodialysis saline power generation, which produces electricity by the difference in salinity between salt and fresh water. They developed a high-efficiency reverse electrodialysis stack with a novel structure that can reduce concentration polarization using a small amount of influent water. The outcome of this research was published through Water Research online, a world-renowned academic journal in the field of water resources, last July.

The research team said, “The performance has been dramatically improved through a stack of a new structure that has never been tried in reverse electrodialysis technology so far. It will contribute significantly to the commercialization of reverse electrodialysis technology as it can solve problems such as pretreatment input energy and low energy density of salinity gradient power.”

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