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Advanced Combustion Power Laboratory

Advanced Combustion Power Laboratory studies on high efficiency/low emission combustion technologies to respond to global warming and air pollution. Main areas of research include supercritical combustion of pure oxygen to preoccupy next-gen pure power generation market, excess enthalpy combustion proper to decomposition of non-biogradable materials causing GHG emission and rapid heating, and smart design platform to tackle energy challenges in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Also, areas of application include burners for power plant and scrubber, low NOx burner, non-catalytic reformer, high value-added reactor for gas conversion, heat treatment furnace, glass melting furnace using plasma.


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Representative performance

  • 01 Supercritical pressure combustor for direct supercritical CO2 power generation
  • 02 CO2 capture exhaust gas recirculation heat storage type pure oxygen combustion technology
  • 03 Pure oxygen / oxygen loaded combustion technology
  • 04 Plasma combustion application technology (glass melting furnace)
  • 05 High-performance decomposable greenhouse gas decomposition treatment technology
  • 06 Non-oxidizing uniform heating technology by continuous steel sheet heat treatment
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Major research fields

  • (Combustion for power generation) Future power generation technology
     - Extreme combustion technology for supercritical pure
        oxygen gas turbine power generation
     - Carbonless (hydrogen, ammonia) gas turbine power
        generation technology
  • (Eco-friendly combustion) High-efficiency eco-friendly excess enthalpy combustion technology
     - High efficiency combustion technology for high GWP gas
        treatment scrubber
     - Non-oxidizing rapid heating combustion technology for
        continuous steel sheet heat treatment furnace
  • (Industrial combustion) High-efficiency combustor design technology to respond to demand in the root industry
     - High-efficiency combustor design technology tailored to
        the demand of the steel and glass industry
     - Steel heating furnace oxygen combustion system and
        furnace design technology
     - High-efficiency combustion technology of electric furnaces
        to reduce power use
     - Heat storage type oxygen combustion and oxygen enriched
        combustion application technology
     - High-efficiency combustion design platform technology for
        the 4th industry
  • Thermal reaction system fusion field
     - High-temperature oxygen production fusion design
     - High-temperature fuel cell BOP design and operation
     - Noncatalytic reforming technology using excess enthalpy
     - Thermophotovoltaic power generation technology using
        excess enthalpy combustion
     - Methane oxidation dimerization reactor design technology

Major research results

  • CO2 capture heat storage type pure oxygen application technology
  • High-efficiency combustion technology for electric furnaces for reduction of power use
  • Cross injection type oxygen enriched combustion technology
  • Plasma applied industrial furnace / burner technology
  • Gas heat source heat treatment furnace / burner system that can be replaced by electricity
  • SOFC fuel cell system / BOP technology
  • Decomposition treatment technology for excess enthalpy combustion applied non-degradable greenhouse gas (PFCs)
  • High-performance decomposition treatment technology for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • High temperature uniform combustion and analysis technology for hydrogen reducing furnace of iron ore
  • High-efficiency ultra-low-pollution combustion technology for small combustor for perfusion boilers
  • Non-oxidizing rapid heating combustion technology for continuous steel sheet heat treatment furnace
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