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Energy Materials Laboratory

The Energy Materials Laboratory mainly conducts a research on the cross-cutting material development and convergence research for using the energy as new and renewable, clean and high efficiency energy materials, etc. Our main research areas are the development of extreme conditions responding technology, AMTEC energy production system, SOFC, core materials and elementary technology of high temperature water electrolysis system, catalyst and absorption materials based on organic and inorganic hybrid materials through developing the fiber reinforced composite and bio composite materials technology. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the world advanced status of high efficiency and performance energy original materials and modularization technology through using the convergence technology of energy/environmental technology (ET) and nano technology (NT).


Tel. 042-860-3485

Representative result

  • 01 Solid oxide based two-way electrolysis cell and stack
  • 02 SiC/SiC composite blade for gas turbine
  • 03 C/SiC composite material combustor module
  • 04 SiC ceramic filter for high-temperature gas purification
  • 05 Modular hydrogen separation membrane
  • 06 MOF-based hybrid super capacitor
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Major research fields

  • Solid oxide-based two-way water electrolysis material and stack technology
  • Solid oxide fuel cell material and process technology
  • SiC/SiC ceramic fiber reinforcement composite material technology for high temperature structure
  • C/SiC ceramic fiber reinforcement composite material technology for high temperature structure
  • Composite functional fiber reinforcement polymer composite material technology
  • High temperature corrosion-resistant porous silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic structure technology
  • High energy density energy storage material technology based on conductive MOF
  • Carbon dioxide separation membrane and adsorption material technology
  • Modular metal composite hydrogen separation membrane technology

Major research results

  • Hydrogen production technology for large-capacity high-temperature water electrolysis using flat-type solid oxide cell (100㎠-class two-way water electrolysis cell and 1kW-class stack manufacturing technology)
  • Thin-film (<7㎛) YSZ electrolyte manufacturing technology by sol-gel method, and development of solid oxide fuel cell material technology using nano-composite powder (> 1.2W / ㎠ @ 800 ℃)
  • SiC/SiC fiber reinforcement ceramic composite material technology for H-class gas turbine (high temperature tensile strength 165MPa @ 1315 ℃)
  • Regenerative cooling type carbon fiber composite material combustor module (2000℃ combustion temperature, internal fuel pressure 40bar)
  • 10MW class bend-twist coupled fiber reinforcement composite blade design technology and structure-integrated exothermic functional fiber reinforcement composite material technology
  • Ultra-clean high temperature gas purification ceramic filter manufacturing technology (high-temperature SiC ceramic filter with 99.99% refining efficiency and 50% dust load reduction rate)
  • Hybrid supercapacitor device with high energy density and output density
  • Dynamic absorption capacity 6wt% carbon dioxide adsorbent
  • 350㎠ large area hydrogen separation membrane and commercialization of 10N㎥/h class hydrogen purifier based on separation
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