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Energy Conversion & Storage Materials Laboratory

The Laboratory developes energy conversion and storage, targeting at promising materials and devices research and development for secondary battery, flow battery, supercapacitor, and advanced energy storage devices. Current R&D activities include materials and components needed for recycling/remanufacturing of energy components, utilising for salinity power generation, and advancing membranes, catalysts and fuel cells, and their performance estimation under actual operating conditions.


Tel. 042-860-3744

Representative result

  • 01 Si nano powders
  • 02 Super-insulating aerogel blanket
  • 03 Ceramic oxygen transport membranes
  • 04 Monocrystalline ingot/wafer utilizing recycled silicon
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Major research fields

  • High permselective Pd-based multilayer/composite membranes for hydrogen production
  • Oxygen permeable ceramic membranes
  • Membrane processes for post-combustion carbon dioxide capture
  • Photovoltaic panels’ end-of-life material recycling/reuse/remanufactuirng
  • Nanoporous aerogel fabrication and applications
  • All-solid-state battery with materials and cell structure engineering
  • Supercapacitor materials and devices
  • High-performance electrode and electrolyte in flow battery
  • Metal-air batteries with materials and cell structure engineering
  • Liquid metal battery with materials and cell structure engineering

Major research results

  • Modulation and system validation of Pd-based dense hydrogen membrane and carbon dioxide membrane for pre-combustion capture
  • High permeable oxygen transport membrane and modularization
  • Energy efficient membrane process for CO2 capture from flue gas
  • Reuse/recycling of photovoltaic waste module
  • Aerogel-enhanced thermal Insulation
  • Materials for anode in lithium secondary batteries
  • Lithium ion conductive solid electrolyte
  • High voltage/power supercapacitors with promising materials
  • Flexible thin film supercapacitors with promising materials
  • Micro/supercapacitors with promising materials
  • High-performance organic flow battery with new redox active materials
  • Lithium-air battery with highly active cathodes
  • High specific surface area carbon etching electrode based on NiO/Ni oxidation reduction
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