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ESS Laboratory

ESS Laboratory conducts activities for the development, standardization, testing and verification of secondary cell with a large capacity for the storage of electricity and their feasibility study related to new and renewable energy for the purpose of commercialization of large-scale energy storage technologies. To secure core technologies essential for the paradigm shift of existing rechargeable batteries, it carries out research on materials, cells, and systems for next generation fuel battery.


Tel. 042-860-3779

Representative result

  • 01 kW-class stack based on tandem electrode
  • 02 Redox flow battery system
  • 03 Large-scale graphene synthesis reactor and KIERPHENE
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Major research fields

  • Development of large-scale storage redox flow battery technology
  • Development of lithium ion battery technology
  • Development of carbon (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D) based energy storage technology
  • Test and evaluation of rechargeable battery and capacitor

Major research results

  • Development of high-density active materials for ESS and EV
  • Development of kW-class stack and redox flow battery system based on the tandem electrode (technology transferred)
  • Development of large-scale cyclic ultracapacitor based on fluid electrode
  • Development of large-scale graphene manufacturing technology
  • Development of BOP and operational control technology for redox flow battery
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