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Energy Network Laboratory

Energy Network Laboratory conducts researches on energy use and measures for GHG reduction based on efficient production and use of thermal energy. To this end, it strives to develop various technologies such as smart energy network, combined heat and power (CHP), boiler facility and thermal energy storage, ORC and thermoelectric generation (TEG) using heat for effective production and use of thermal energy. Also, it focuses on the development of new cooling technologies in preparation for potential rise in energy consumption.


Tel. 042-860-3321

Representative performance

  • 01 Two-way energy network system
  • 02 Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system
  • 03 40kW class wood pellet and solid powder combustion boiler
  • 04 The world's best medium temperature thermoelectric element
  • 05 The world's first real-time medium-high temperature contact resistance analysis equipment
  • 06 Heat storage based large capacity thermoelectric power generation system
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Major research fields

  • Smart energy network technology
     - Energy network optimization technology based on
        two-way energy virtual trading
     - Smart complex energy storage and use system
  • Development of cogeneration power plant and performance evaluation
     - Development, optimization and performance evaluation of
        a cogeneration system using a motor such as gas engine,
        gas turbine, or stirling engine
     - Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generator
  • Development of high-efficiency low-pollution boiler and performance evaluation
     - Domestic and industrial wood fuel (pellet, wood chip)
        boiler technology
  • Next generation cooling technology
     - Solar cooing, radiative cooling, thermo-elastic cooling
        technology and high-efficiency thermoelectric technology
     - Minimization of cooling energy in connection with cooling
        heat storage technology
     - Cooling energy network optimization technology
  • Unused thermal energy utilization technology
     - Low and medium temperature Organic Rankine Cycle
        (ORC) generator
     - High-efficiency thermoelectric power technology
     - Hydrothermal energy heat recovery utilization technology

Major research results

  • Virtual multi-generation energy demand management system based on two-way heat trading
  • Community unit piping network thermal energy connected demand management technology, smart farm linkage connected network technology, thermochemical heat storage technology based on thermal delivery technology
  • 300kWe class and 1MW class high efficiency gas engine cogeneration system
  • 65kW and 200kW micro gas turbine performance evaluation and demonstration
  • Korean-type high efficiency wood pellet boiler and standardization technology
  • Thermal chemical heat storage technology based on thermal delivery technology
  • Core element technology of solar cooling system
  • Optimal radiative cooling technology in buildings
  • Cooling technology through thermoelastic material and optimum structure design
  • Low and high temperature and high efficiency thermoelectric technology
  • Storage technology of heat energy (cold heat and cold heat production heat) to minimize cooling energy
  • Cooling energy network technology through optimization technology
  • 100kWe low-temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbo generator
  • High-efficiency thermoelectric power technology
  • OHP-based hydrothermal energy heat recovery technology
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