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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.



Toward a content and prosperous society,
led by KIER energy technology
Creating new value and market through convergence and
originality - based energy technology
  • Achieving technology competitiveness as a high global standing reserarch institute
  • Strengthening parlnership for shared growth with small and midium sized enterprises
  • Improving research productivity through performance-based managment
Management Strategies
  • Strategies1 Performance-based organization and workforce capability
  • Strategies2 Efficient budget management and anti-corruption and integrity conscious-ness
  • Strategies3 R&D support over its full cycle and enhanced system of the research outcomes
  • Strategies4 Management contributing to the govern-ment policies to realize creative economy
  • Strategies5 Reinforced system in order for transfirmation to the 4th generation R&D
  • Strategies6 R&D infrastructure management efficiency through promoting space efficiency
R&D Strategies
  • Strategies1 Efficiency demand management technology
  • Strategies2 Competitiveness new and renewable energy technology
  • Strategies3 Commercialization of climate change and clean fuel technology
  • Strategies4 Future initiative energy convergence technology


Function Part
Energy Technology Development
- Renewable energy technology development including PV,
wind power, bioenergy, fuel cell, hydrogen energy
- CO2 capture and GHGs treatment technology development
- Clean use technology for fossil fuels including coal, non-conventional fuels
- Energy efficiency related technology development in the area of industry,
buildings, transportation, and electricity
- Energy materials related technology development
Meet the challenges of rapidly changing energy environment affected
by climate change, high oil price, etc.
Deployment of Energy Technology
- Testing and certification, workforce training, technology support,
and technology commercialization
Promote reasonable use of energy with deployment of
promising energy technology
Policy Establishment of Energy Technology
- Support for the establishment of national policies of energy technology
Lead national policy of energy technology