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Welcom to the Korea Institute of Energy Research

"The Korea Institute of Energy Research will continue to do its best in pursuit of improving national wealth and contributing to the improvement of quality of life for the people by supporting national energy policy in terms of technology development."

Since the founding in 1977, the KIER has had focused on energy technology R&D which is closely related with our living standards and national security while overcoming the challenges we have faced as a resource poor country.

KIER's R&D areas include improving efficiency and securing environment-friendly way in use of limited conventional energy resources such as oil, coal as well as natural gas and exploring new energy sources such as solar, wind and water as well as its commercialization.

The KIER also strives towards technology transfer which can be reflected
in  successful  commercialization  of  our  remarkable  R&D  outcomes by
means   of   industrialization   of  excellent   intellectual   property   rights,
enlarging  its R&D activity  in bottleneck technology based  on small  and
medium  sized  enterprises,  and  communicating  actively  with  markets
through "1 researcher to 1 enterprise" technique guidance.

Energy has  had  a significant influence not only on living standards
in a society,  but  also  upon  national competitiveness and security.
Therefore, the KIER will do its best in developing energy technology
for future generations.
Thank you.

                                       Lee Ki-woo, Ph.D.
President, Korea Institute of Energy Research