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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Research

To conduct a research on core materials technology development for improving performance and durability of fuel cells and electrochemical devices, and design/comprehensivization of fuel cell and electrochemical system for building fuel cells, distributed power generation, fuel cell vehicles, IT/portable power and APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)

  • kW Class Anode-supported Flat Tube SOFC Stack
  • PEMFC MEA Manufacturing Technology
  • DMFC Mini Car
  • 1 kW Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell System for Residential Power Generation
  • Battery Charging Portable 300kW-class DMFC System

Major research fields

  • Core element technology and system of the PEFC, SOFC, DMFC
  • Positive/negative ion exchange membrane and high durability MEA design technology based on low cost and high performance polymers
  • Cylindrical/plate SOFC cells/stack/system design and manufacturing technology
  • Fuel cell system design for military, distribution processing and airplane

Major research results

  • 1kW-class residential fuel cell system manufacturing technology transfer (HYUNDAI hysco co., Ltd.)
  • Nondestructive gas diffusion layer quality inspection devices technology transfer (Livingcare co., Ltd.)
  • Gas diffusion layer materials and ultra precision thermally controled fuel cell performance evaluation devices technology transfer (Livingcare co., Ltd.)
  • Low cost, high durability and commercialized product-level MEA development and 50kW-class stack, fuel cell small bus development with the MEA
  • Hydrocarbon pore charging membrane continuous production technology
  • 300W, 500W-class DMFC stack, metallic bipolar plate and portable fuel cell system
  • 250W-class portable SOFC power system
  • kW-class cylindrical/plate SOFC cell, stack, metallic bipolar plate, BOP, system development