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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Solar Thermal Convergence

Solar Thermal Convergence Research

To conduct a research on hot water, heating/cooling, thermal supply/storage, fresh water, power generation, zero-energy building/town and hydrogen production with a solar and new/renewable thermal energy

To develop a new/renewable thermal energy data center and its evaluation technology

  • KIER Solar Furnace (40kWt)
  • Dish Type Solar Concentrator (10kWe)
  • Solar packaged Hybrid System
  • Zero-energy Solar HouseⅡ

Major research fields

  • Non tracking solar collector and solar hot water system
  • Tracking type high concentrating system and high temperature solar cell receiver
  • Heat/cold storage system with a sensible and latent heat/chemical reaction
  • Zero-energy building and eco-friendly energy community base on solar cell
  • Distributed mid/large-sized solar cell power plant
  • Seawater desalination and cooling system with a solar heat
  • New/renewable thermal energy convergence utilization technology
  • Compound regeneration thermal system and cold storage system base on heat storage
  • Solar chemical reaction technology for producing a hydrogen

Major research results

  • Zero-energy solar cell building
  • Self-sufficiency community development and establishment (Go-chang city)
  • Eco-friendly energy town (Jin-cheon innovative city)
  • Zero-energy building optimization energy operating technology simulation
  • Solar cell package hybrid system
  • 2-step water splitting solar thermal hydrogen production with a metal oxides
  • 10kWe-class dish-stirling solar cell power system
  • 40kWt-class KIER solar furnace and chemical reactor