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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Separation and Conversion Materials

Separation and Conversion Materials Research

To develop a materials technology overcoming limitations in order for improving market-oriented materials technology and next generation energy sector which is needed for industry with an aim for using new and renewable energy and improving energy efficiency for responding to climate change. For this, we develop the materials based on nano (which is overcoming the next generation conversion technology) such as solar PV, thermoelectricity and secondary battery, etc. and separation materials based on various gas membrane for maximizing an industry efficiency

  • 5 Nm3/h Capacity Pilot Module for Pre-combustion Carbon Capture
  • Oxygen-transport Ceramic Membrane
  • Si nanoparticles
  • SiOx nanoparticles

Major research fields

  • High penetration selectivity palladium base and multi-layer composite hydrogen membrane
  • Oxygen permeability ceramic membrane
  • Carbon dioxide membrane capture after combustion
  • High performance thermoelectricity module
  • Crystalline silicon solar cell materials and module reutilization
  • Metal and Oxides (aerogel) nano particle production and application
  • Super capacitor materials
  • Flow battery high performance carbon electrode technology and electrode feature analysis
  • Metal-air battery core materials and element technology
  • Liquid metal battery materials technology
  • Cation and conductor battery materials technology

Major research results

  • Palladium hydrogen separation membrane and modularity and systematization of CO2 capturing membrane before combustion
  • High oxygen transmission membrane and modularity
  • Crystalline silicon solar cell for ultra thin film and module reutilization/high purity technology
  • Thermoelectric modularity
  • Insulation materials with an aerogel
  • Lithium secondary battery negative electrode (cathode) materials and electrode technology
  • High voltage/output super capacitor core materials and cell technology
  • Flexible thin film super capacitor core material and element technology
  • Micro-super capacitor core material and element technology
  • High specific surface area carbon etching electrode technology based on NiO/Ni oxidation-reduction
  • New redox active materials for high performance fluid flow battery
  • High active cathode and element technology for lithium-air battery
  • Lithium ion-conductive polymer solid oxide electrolyte materials