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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Energy Network

Energy Network Research

To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and rationalize the energy efficiency through improving energy devices efficiency for energy efficient production and rational distribution/consumption (combined heat and power (CHP system, boiler, etc.)

To improve an energy utilization efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gas emission by realizing the optimal energy management system in physical/virtual energy network unit which is connected based on energy production/consumption information between the power supplier, consumer and prosumer

  • Interactive Energy Network System
  • Organic Rankine Cycle Power System
  • 40kW-class Wood Pellet and Solid Power Combustion Boiler

Major research fields

  • Smart energy network
    • Energy network optimization based on the interactive energy virtual trading
    • Smart composites energy saving and utilization system
    • Thermal energy network smart meters
  • Development and performance evaluation of the steam supply and power generation
    • Development, optimization and performance evaluation of the steam supply and power generation system with a prime mover (motor) such as gas engines, turbines, stirling engines, etc.
    • Organic rankine cycle power generation
  • Development and performance evaluation of high efficiency and low emission boiler system
    • Boiler system with a wood fuels for home and industry

Major research results

  • Energy demand management system development of virtual and multiple power generation based on an interactive thermal trading
  • Heating and hot water heating smart meters for apartment buildings
  • 100kWe-class low temperature organic rankine cycle turbo generator
  • 300kWe, 1MW-class high efficiency gas engines steam supply and power generation
  • 65kW, 200kW-class micro-grid gas turbines performance evaluation and demonstration
  • Korean high efficiency wood pellets boiler system and its standardization technology
  • Thermochemical and thermal saving technology based on thermal energy storage and parcel service