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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Thermal Energy System

Thermal Energy System Research

Core researches to lead to future thermal energy technology

To conduct researches on efficient energy conversion of heat-to-heat/heat-to-electricity/electricity-to-heat, and combustion systems of fossil or synthetic fuel.

  • The world's first supercritical CO2 subminiature turbine with partial admission
  • The world's first axial-type supercritical
    CO2 turbine
  • Non-degradable greenhouse gas
    abatement technology
  • Non-oxidative uniform heating technology for continuous steel annealing process
  • Steam-generating heat pump
  • Industrial heat pump for flue gas waste heat recovery
  • Ultra-low NOx gas turbine combustor
  • Regenerative oxy-fuel combustion technology with exhaust gas recirculation for CO2-capture ready
  • Test facility for next generation
    eco-friendly cooling tower
  • Geothermal-PVT Hybrid System
  • KIER Energy Center
  • Oxy-fuel/oxygen-enriched
  • Plasma-assisted combustion
    technology(Glass melting

Major research fields

  • Future power generation technology
    • Supercritical CO2 power cycles
    • Next generation eco-friendly cooling towers
  • Oxy-fuel combustion technology
    • Oxy-fuel combustion system and furnace design in steel heat treatment
    • Energy-efficient combustion technology for electricity consumption reduction in electric arc furnace
    • Regenerative oxy-fuel/oxygen-enhanced combustion technology
  • Heat pump technology
    • Steam-generating heat pump
    • Heat pump applications utilizing new and renewable heat sources and conventional heat sources
    • Thermal energy network
  • Excess enthalpy combustion technology
    • Abatement technology of non-degradable harmful gases
    • Non-catalytic fuel reforming
    • Efficient radiation conversion, uniform heating and low pollutant emission of excess enthalpy combustion
    • Thermophotovoltaic power generation
  • Thermal energy system convergence and cross-cutting technology
    • Convergence of energy saving technology and new and renewable energy such as geothermal-PVT, etc.
    • High-temperature oxygen production system
    • High-temperature fuel cells BOP design
    • Flue gas waste heat recovery
    • Cross-cutting components such as turbine, compressor, advanced heat exchanger, heat pipe, etc.

Major research results

  • The world's first supercritical CO2subminiature turbine with partial admission
  • The world's first axial-type supercritical CO2 turbine
  • Regenerative oxy-fuel combustion applications for CO2 capture
  • Energy-efficient combustion for electricity consumption reduction in electric arc furnace
  • Steam-generating heat pump
  • High-temperature hybrid heat pump utilizing waste heat
  • Flue gas heat recovery heat pump
  • Direct circulation geothermal heat pump
  • Geothermal-PVT Hybrid System
  • Smart energy network technology
  • Cross-jet nozzle type oxygen-enhanced combustion burner
  • Plasma application to industrial furnace/burner
  • Fuel-based heat treatment furnace/burner system replacing electric furnace system
  • SOFC fuel cell system/BOP technology
  • Non-degradable greenhouse gas (PFCs) abatement technology using excess enthalpy combustion
  • High performance abatement of volatile organic compound (VOCs)
  • High-temperature uniform reduction of pulverized iron ores in hydrogen atmosphere and its numerical analysis