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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Biomass and Wastes to Engergy

Biomass and Wastes to Engergy Research

To conduct a research on biomass and waste resources-energy with an aim for establishing the sustainable society without greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring the future energy/chemical resources after oil age

  • Bio-diesel modularization pre-treatment/<br/>production/purification pilot plant(capacity: 5,000ton/y)Bio-diesel modularization pre-treatment/
    production/purification pilot plant(capacity: 5,000ton/y)
  • Fast pyrolysis process of lignocellulosic biomass<br/>(capacity : 2ton/day)Fast pyrolysis process of lignocellulosic biomass
    (capacity : 2ton/day)
  • Wastewater supercritical gasification process <br/>(capacity : 1ton/day)Wastewater supercritical gasification process
    (capacity : 1ton/day)
  • Plastic wastes pyrolysis demonstration platPlastic wastes pyrolysis demonstration plat
  • photo-bioreactor for bio hydrogen (capacity : 80L)Photo-bioreactor for bio-hydrogen (capacity : 80L)
  • Bio-polyol steam reformer for bio-syngasBio-polyol steam reformer for bio-syngas

Major research fields

  • Biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass
  • Biodiesel production from low-grade resources such as animal fat and cooking oil
  • Chemicals production from low grade bio-fuel
  • Pyrolysis of plastic wastes
  • Hydrogen/syngas/bio-fuel/chemicals production from biomass
  • Catalytic conversion of N2O gas
  • Catalytic Upgrading of heavy oils

Major research results

  • Bio-diesel modularization pre-treatment/production/purification technology
  • Biodiesel production from animal fast
  • Pyrolysis of lignocellulosic materials and bio-oil production technology
  • Continuous pyrolysis of plastic wastes
  • Supercritical water gasification of aqueous organic wastes
  • Biohydrogen production from organic wastes