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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Greenhouse Gas

Clean Fuel Research

To develop the greenhouse gas emissions capture/utilization (conversion) technology for climate change mitigation, and clean energy (as an alternative of fossil fuels) utilization/dissemination technology

  • CO2 Recovery Process Using Promoted K2CO3 Aqueous Solution
  • Different Reaction Calorimeter for Analyzing Heat of Absorption
  • 2 MWe CFBC Boiler2 MWe CFBC Boiler
  • 10 MWe Dry CO2 Capture Process10 MWe Dry CO2 Capture Process
  • 10 tpd Coal Dryer10 tpd Coal Dryer

Major research fields

  • Low carbon energy/environment process technology
  • CO2 capture and conversion technology with an absorption, adhesion, membrane separation and dry particle
  • Solid raw materials energy technology with a fluided bed
  • Pollutants removal technology with a combustion flue gases
  • Low-water stream/non-aqueous/phrase separation CO2 absorbent which has low renewable energy
  • CO2 capture and mineralization technology using carbonic anhydrase and mimetic catalysts
  • Catalyst and electrochemical conversion technology for useful compound or clean fuel production from carbon dioxide
  • Application technology with a hydrate crystallization (CO2 separation, bio product concentration, desalination and natural gas hydrate production tech.)

Major research results

  • CFBC boiler (2MWe CFBC, 10MWe RDF combustion CFBC boiler design, international joint R&D with Turkey in 105t/hr CFBC boiler design)
  • The world's first 10MWe-class after-combustion dry process CO2 capture technology
  • Post-combustion dry process CO2 capture technology (1MWe-class dry process pollutant gas refining technology and 0.1MWe-class dry process CO2 capture
  • Low grade coal (with a high moisture) upgrading technology (10ton/day-class fluided bed combustion technology)
  • Separation of moisture and mixture gas in combustion exhaust gases by using polymer membrane
  • Post/after combustion CO2 separation process technology by using chemical looping combustion
  • CO2 (within the LNG exhaust gas) capture process technology (which is using the KIERSOL liquid absorbent) transfer to Korean HYNDAI/KIA motors corporate
  • Post-combustion CO2 capture core technology by using membrane
  • 'KCRC Korea CCS 2020' project - low energy CO2 capture technology by using the low water stream absorbent