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International Cooperation

KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Technologies for Collaboration

KIER has selected 15 advanced technologies based on the research areas which were selected as the world's top energy technology development objective at '2015 KIER mid and long-term R&D planning'. these technologies can be expected to be applied for international collaboration as type of transfer technology or joint R&D project in the future as a core technologies that most attention and efforts are being focused recently.

Technologies for Collaboration
Research Areas Global KIER, Advanced
Technologies (15)
Prospect for
(Technology Transfer & Future R&D)
1 Energy Efficiency Heat-electricity Optimization /
Hybrid Energy Management System
  • Technology Transfer
    • Household energy management system for bi-direction energy trade
    • CHP energy management system for enhancing the overall efficiency
    • Combined energy optimization algorithm
  • Future R&D
    • Complex community energy management system
    • Core EMS technology for next generation energy grid
  • Han Soo-bin, Ph.D. /
    Energy ICT Laboratory


2 Power by CO2 /
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle
  • Technology Transfer
    • System and component design process
    • System operation and control strategy
    • (Near-term) Modular power system for waste heat recovery and shipboard application
    • (Long-term) Power plant for CSP, fossil, direct-fired sCO2 and nuclear power plant
  • Future R&D
    • Design and optimize the advanced supercritical CO2 power cycle
    • Power generating operation and control technology
    • Development of the components which are suitable for the supercritical CO2 power cycle applications
  • Baik Young-jin, Ph.D. /
    Thermal Energy Conversion Laboratory


3 Virtual Power Plant for Energy Supply / Virtual Distributed Power Plants for Tri-generation
  • Technology Transfer
    • Real time energy management system
    • Energy meter for heat trading
  • Future R&D
    • Technology convergence with integrated energy supply system
  • Im Yong-hoon, Ph.D. /
    Energy Network Laboratory


4 RedOX! Store the Energy /
Redox Flow Battery
  • Technology Transfer
    • Preparation, treatment and characterization of key-materials
    • Design, manufacturing, and testing of slim-type RFB stack
    • Optimum operating conditions for increased RFB performance
  • Future R&D
    • Chemically stable redox couples, with high solubilities of both oxidized and reduced species, high potential, and fast redox kinetics
    • Highly permselective and durable membranes
    • Low cost, efficient and durable electrodes
    • Flow-channel structure and stack design to minimize the shunt current losses and enhance the energy efficiency
    • Large scale power and system management and grid integration
  • Jin Chang-soo, Ph.D. /
    Energy Storage Laboratory


5 New and Renewable Energy Flexible Solar Cell: Future of Photovoltaics / Cost-effective Highly Efficient Flexible CIS Thin-film Solar Cell
  • Technology Transfer
    • Core technologies of high efficiency and high durable flexible CIGS thin-film solar cells
    • Vacuum and non-vacuum based thin-film deposition techniques
    • Module lamination and packaging
    • Innovative design concept for new application using flexible CIGS solar cell
  • Future R&D
    • Development of flexible thin-film solar cells with high performance comparable to crystalline Si solar cells
    • Establishment of R2R CIGS solar module pilot system
    • Development of new flexible solar cell application

      BIPV, VIPV, DIPV, etc.

  • Cho Jun-sik, Ph.D. /
    Photovoltaic Laboratory


  • Yun Jae-ho, Ph.D. /
    Photovoltaic Laboratory


6 PEM Fuel Cell MEA
  • Technology Transfer
    • Designing and fabrication of MEAs with low Pt content
    • Low cost and highly durable MEA
    • MEA continuous fabrication process
  • Future R&D
    • Low Pt MEAs with higher power density and durability
    • MEAs operable at no humidity and high current conditions
    • MEAs for military and aerospace applications
  • Park Seok-hee, Ph.D. /
    Fuel Cell Laboratory


  • Yim Sung-dae, Ph.D. /
    Fuel Cell Laboratory


7 Climate Change Green Coal Innovation /
Hybrid Coal by KIER (HCK)
  • Technology Transfer
    • Mutual cooperation on demonstration project with Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. as HCK end-user
    • Planning technology transfer to overseas energy companies
  • Future R&D
    • Scale-up and demonstration for commercialization of hybrid coal with Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd.
    • Bioliquid diversification from non-edible resources to complement economic feasibility
    • Commercialization strategy with existing biorefinery process (kraft pulp mill or bioethanol process)
  • Choi Young-chan, Ph.D. /
    Clean Fuel Laboratory


8 Cleaner Coal Better Life /
CUPOTM (Coal Upgrading by Palm Oil Residue)
  • Technology Transfer
    • Establishing partnership with tekMIRA(R&D Center for Mineral and Coal Technology) and ARDEMR(Agency of R&D for Energy and Mineral Resources) in Indonesia for deployment of CUPOTM process
  • Future R&D
    • Handling test during the transport and storage at Indonesia site and domestic coal yard
    • Co-firing test at coal fired power plant to decide blend ratio with high rank bituminous coal
  • Lee Si-hyun, Ph.D. /
    Clean Fuel Laboratory


9 Microalgal Biorefinery /
Industrial Flue Gas-based Microalgal Biorefinery
  • Technology Transfer
    • Low-cost disposable film photobioreactor for mass-cultivation of microalgae
    • Energy-efficient microalgal harvesting technology using recycling magnetic flocculants
    • Biological pre-treatment method for mild microalgal biorefinery
    • Cost-effective oil extraction and biofuel conversion process using wet algal biomass
  • Future R&D
    • Efficiency and cost improvements of unit process
    • Integrative process development based on nano, bio, and physico-chemical technologies
    • Pilot development, optimization and long-term operation
    • Techno-economical analysis
  • Oh You-kwan, Ph.D. /
    Biomass and Waste Energy Laboratory


10 CO2 Capture Technology /
  • Technology Transfer
    • Small scale below 4,000 Nm3/h of feed gas

      Participation in a project as an EPC(engineering, procurement & construction) role totally

    • Large scale from 4,000 Nm3/h to 200,000 Nm3/h of feed gas

      Participation in a project as a licensor

  • Future R&D
    • CO2 conversion process for electricity generation after capturing CO2
  • Yoon Yeo-il, Ph.D. /
    Green Energy Process Laboratory


11 Circulation Fluidized Bed Boiler / Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler for Co-generation
  • Technology Transfer
    • CFBC boiler module (10-30 MWe)
    • Distributed power plant design for multi fuel combustion
  • Future R&D
    • Domestication of micro turbine (1-30 MWe)
    • High efficiency CFBC boiler module for low density and volatile fuel
  • Shun Do-won, Ph.D. /
    Low Carbon Process Laboratory


12 Energy Materials and Process Oxygen Transport Membrane /
Low-cost Oxygen Production Technology using Oxygen Transport Membrane
  • Technology Transfer
    • Steel manufacture
    • Natural gas reforming
    • Oxy fuel-combustion process for coal-fired power plant
    • Medical gas supply and equipment for healthcare industry
  • Future R&D
    • Demonstration of TPD-class oxygen production module by using ceramic membrane
    • Design and demonstration of planar type membrane module for pure oxygen generation
    • Collaboration with local and international partners to promote and commercialize the oxygen membrane system
  • Yu Ji-haeng, Ph.D. /
    Advanced Materials Devices Laboratory


13 Hydrogen Separation Membrane / Pd-based Membrane and its Module for Hydrogen Separation and Purification
  • Technology Transfer
    • Compact hydrogen purifier
    • technology transfer to industrial gases companies
  • Future R&D
    • Durability test of membrane and its module
    • Design and demonstration of novel multi-module membrane reactor
  • Park Jong-soo, Ph.D. /
    Advanced Materials Devices Laboratory


  • Hwang Kyung-ran, Ph.D. /
    Advanced Materials Devices Laboratory


14 Jeju Global Research Center KIERIEM /
High Ultra Thin Pore Filled Ion Exchange Membrane
  • Technology Transfer
    • Widely available for various electrolyte-based electrochemical systems including RED
    • Ion selective membranes for promising technology to human organs mimic devices and artificial biosensors
  • Future R&D
    • Increased thermal and chemical efficiency by high geometrical stability of the electrolyte polymers
    • Application to various electrolyte-based electrochemical systems such as fuel cells, secondary batteries including redox flow batteries and metal air batteries, electrodialysis for water treatments and deionization
  • Choi Young-woo Ph.D. /
    Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center for Industry, Academy, and Laboratories


15 Microbial Precipitation-electrolysis Cell (MPEC) / Low-energy Consumption Technology for Seawater Pretreatment
  • Technology Transfer
    • Replacement of chemical and energy-intensive pretreatment processes with MPEC (environmental benign and cost effective) prior to membrane-based seawater treatment
  • Future R&D
    • MPEC scale-up and development of stacked MPEC
    • Convergence research for development of electrode materials and ionexchange membranes in MPEC
  • Nam Joo-youn Ph.D. /
    Marine Energy Conversion and Integration Laboratory