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International Cooperation

KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Foreign Visiting Scholars and Researchers

Foreign scholars and researchers visit the KIER for collaborative research or seminars. The expenses for their visits are covered by the KIER, or other programs offered by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Overseas visiting scholars and researchers (from Jan 1, 2017 - to December 31, 2017 total 34 people)

  Short-term 61 Persons Nations Long-term 14Persons


Energy Efficiency Energy ICT 2Persons USA(3), Canada(1), UK(1), Germany(1), Italy(1), Australia(1) Energy Saving 1Persons USA(1), China(1)
Thermal Energy Conversion 2Persons
Energy Network 1Persons Energy Network 1Persons
Energy Saving 3Persons
New & Renewable Energy Photovoltaic 4Persons Japan(8), USA(7), Germany(2), India(2), Denmark(1), Russia(1), France(1), China(1), Australia(1) Fuel Cell 3Persons Parkistan(3), India(1)
New and renewable 5Persons
Fuel Cell 14Persons Hydrogen 1Persons
Eco-friendly 1Persons
Climate Change Clean Fuel 2Persons UK(4), India(2), Indonesia(2), USA(1), Denmark(1), New zealand(1) Clean Fuel 1Persons India(5), Kazakhstan(1), China(1)
Biomass and Waste 5Persons Petroleum and Gas 1Persons
Low Carbon process 4Persons Biomass and Waste 2Persons
      Green Energy 2Persons
      Low Carbon process 1Persons
Advanced Energy Technology Advacned Materials 1Persons USA(1), Japan(1), Sweden(1), Singapore(1) Energy Materials 1Persons Kazakhstan(1)
Energy Materials 1Persons
Jeju Global Research Marine Energy Convergence 3Persons Israel(2), USA(1)
Partnerships and Policy International Cooperation 13Persons Laos(3), Myanmar(3), Indonesia(2), Irenland(2), Denmark(1), Belgium(1), USA(1)