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International Cooperation

KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.

Major Foreign Visitors

Many foreign visitors engaged in related various fields such as laboratory, university, public or private industry, government ministry, and so on have visited KIER with purpose of general introduction or laboratory tour, joint R&D project discussion, joint seminars or meetings at KIER. (About 400 foreign visitors a year). these meaningful visiting from overseas bodies and VIPs can be attributed to future collaboration potential between two countries or institutions.


Simultaneously pursuing domestic energy security and economic growth whilst maintaining the highest standards of energy technology development, the Korea Institute of Energy Technology (President: Byong-sung Kwak) held a 'New and Renewable Energy Technology Seminar' (Aug 9th) and 'International Collaboration R&D Workshop' (Aug 10th) over a two day visit to Washington, D.C.

The 'New and Renewable Energy Technology Seminar' held on the 9th of August at the Embassy of South Korea was attended by US Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewables Director Mark Reichhardt, among approximately 70 other participants from foreign diplomatic, research, S&T policy and specialist consulting backgrounds. Through a comprehensive presentation of KIER’s domestically-developed renewable energy capabilities including: solar cell, fuel cell, thermal solar & eco-friendly energy town, hydrogen and energy resource mapping, the quality of KIER’s solutions were introduced to the global community.

The 'International Collaboration R&D Workshop' on the 10th of August, invited US DOE ARPA-E: Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, technology commercialization team member James Zahler, National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) Photovoltaics Center Director Gregory M. Wilson, Sandia National laboratories Principal Member Laurie Burnham, Concentrated Solar Power Department Manager Paul Gauche, Georgia Tech Professor of Material Engineering Seung-soon Jang, UC Davis Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jae-wan Park, amongst others, representing Research Institute R&D specialists, researchers and technology commercialization specialists. Outputs of the session sought to leverage synergy between institutes, for the development of new partnerships across several of KIER’s research fields.

NREL, NETL Visit (U.S, December 4 - 6)

A delegation from KIER made formal visits to NREL and NETL in order to pursue potential avenues for R&D collaboration, and strengthen ties between the Korean and US research Institutes. NREL and NETL represent world-class research institutes under the U.S Department of energy, leading the development in many areas of the renewable energy and energy efficiency. During the visit, KIER R&D specialists took this opportunity to share ideas on approaches to R&D strategy and R&D development programs, in addition to drafting plans for joint-R&D projects in the near future between Korean and US researchers.