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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.


The 3rd Hon Di Mo Ang Science Festival held by KIER 2018-06-07 11:00:31.0 965

‘Finding principles of new regeneration energy’ themed technological hands-on activities

‘Hon Di Mo Ang Science Festival’ held by Korea Institution of Energy Research is taking place at Jeju Global Research Center (Dr. Byong-Sung Kwak as the head of the center) on this Saturday, May 12th.

‘Hon Di Mo Ang Science Festival’, on its third year, is a festival that offers hands-on activities of new regeneration energy related to science technology to students in Jeju. The purpose of this event is to share research results and science knowledge that the center obtains to the community.
Hon Di Mo Ang: Dialect of Jeju meaning ‘gathering together in one place’

With the opening from Dr. Byong-Sung Kwak, Head of the center, the festival will offer various technological hands-on activities such as public lectures, science kit makings, laboratory tours, and experiencing effects of global warming that are themed as ‘Finding principles of new regeneration energy’. Around 240 students will join the festival.

Dr. Byong-Sung Kwak from Korea Institution of Energy Research mentioned that he is “glad to be part of offering experience and educational event to local students through the third Hon Di Mo Ang Science Festival”. He also stated that he “will work towards not only research, but also increasing science culture and awareness in the community.

Jeju Global Research Center is a branch of Korea Institution of Energy Research located in Jeju, developing technology on Convergence energy responsive to weather changes including salinity power generation, wind power generation and system convergence.

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