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KIER 에너지기술로 미래의 행복사회를 열어갑니다.


Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), holding the 40th anniversary of institute foundation 2017-09-17 15:12:13.0 926

- Foundation celebrating event, holding symposium related to researchers’ core studies
- Improving responsible value as a researcher through value system proclamation

Korea Institute of Energy Research (a head, Dr. Kwak Byong Sung) held celebrating event for the 40th anniversary of institute foundation in Daejeon headquarter of KIER at 10:30 of Sep. 07 (Thu.).

This celebrating event about 500 guests including all of employees in KIER, foreign visitors, institute heads, etc. was progressed by the first commemoration of a head, KIER, Dr. Kwak Byong Sung, encouragement speech of Lee Jae Kwan, a vice-mayor of Daejeon administration, celebrating speech of Lee Sang Min, a member of the Minjoo Party, value system proclamation, etc.

Especially, in value system proclamation that was progressed on the day,
MTP* ‘1° To Keep the Earth Livable!’, 6 key values such as cooperation, passion, etc.*, and 5 organizational citizenship behaviors* that were selected by collecting opinion of the whole employees from Dec. 2016
*MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose): The purpose is to bring huge changes and it includes reason for members’ work, reason for existence, and passion.
*Key value: Key value is a belief systematized deeply in thoughts and behaviors of the whole members and becomes the standard of all behaviors and decision-making.
*OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behaviors): Members’ individual voluntary behavior conducted to improve the goal and effectiveness of the organization additionally in addition to behaviors regulated and evaluated for official roles and work performance in the organization

In addition, academic event whose subject is ‘Roles of new renewable energy and future strategies KIER’ was held with Korean new renewable energy society on Sep. 06 (Wed.) and the other one whose subject is ‘Roles of KIER for future 40 years of energy technology’ was held with Korean energy society on Sep. 07 (Thu.).

Dr. Dr. Kwak Byong Sung, a head of KIER, said “KIER is the best institute of energy technology, who has been responsible for Korean energy security through the development of energy technology for 40 years.” and “We are thankful to all of visitors who come to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation and will contribute to development of national economy and improvement of global competitiveness through development of worldwide highest-level energy technology and environment technology in the future.”

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